Which book of the Bible should I choose?

What do you think?

I’m thinking about blogging through one book of the Bible – a chapter a week. People can follow on and post comments. That way anyone and everyone can engage and interact. Or, you can just follow along if you like.

The idea is to treat it a bit like an online Bible study. In the future this might develop as I find new and interesting ways to use features on my Facebook page, but right now I’d like to start this way to see how it works. I’d love to get some online fellowship going!!

SO – what book of the Bible should I choose? Is there a book you’d love to look at with other women? Is there a book you’re not that familiar with and would like to understand more? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or send me an email!

Ruth xx

PS if you want to engage on Facebook, here’s the link 🙂


2 thoughts

  1. Since you’re a self professed history geek 🙂 i’d like you to start with a book where I can learn more about history. I think this is important as it would help me to see the events of the bible in context and as really happening in an actual historical time period. The events are real and they actually happened but I often find myself reading them without context and as stories rather than historical events that are part of the history of the world. I’d therefore like to request you start with Acts so I can learn more about the history of the early church or Judges as I’d like to understand the historical context of this book better.

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