Troublesome Bible passages series

This is a blog series that works through passages of the Bible that cause concern or that people regularly struggle with, or just skip over. This includes passages that appear to devalue women and either give the impression that the Bible is not a safe space for us, or are commonly picked out as “proof” that the Bible is anti-women.

I take the Bible seriously and so began looking at these passages with an open mind and open heart – prepared for them to mean what I hoped they didn’t. Thankfully the Bible is true and beautiful and internally consistent. These passages on the whole do not mean what we are fearful that they might mean. Further, when they are to do with women and God’s view of us, they magnify the value God has bestowed on us.

It hurts me that women feel hurt and confused when they read the Bible and feel they must try and ignore bits that feel wrong. I wanted to get into the weeds and look at these passages so we can have confidence as women in what we believe – and so that we can amplify the truth and beauty of the Bible in our confident faith and glorify God through our lives.

This series is constantly added to, so feel free to contact me if there’s a Bible passage you have always struggled with or wondered about, and I’ll take a look!

In the Bible, why is a woman unclean for twice as long after giving birth to a girl?
Does the Bible endorse trial by ordeal for a woman?
Given similar circumstances, why did God save the boy but let the girl die?
It’s the most shocking crime against a woman in the Bible. Why is it there?
Widow or prostitute. The Bible story that brings the vulnerability of women into stark relief
Beautiful love gone bad

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