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A while back I wrote a blog about how the world throws up big issues and there are generally two extreme camps and the rest of us in the middle. In these situations, the extremes throw rocks at each other for a while and social media makes the entrenchment of each position more stark and […]

No. Unless you want it to be and it works for your family. If you want to work, work. If you want to remain in the home, remain in the home. Neither makes you inferior. Love God. Love your family. Outside of that, do what works best for your family context. That is all. PS […]

Church is a place of labels. Some are logistically useful – we wear name tags so we can engage with others in fellowship. Some are purely organizational, categorizing us into ministries so we can be pastored more easily. But some labels are signs above our heads for all to see. These labels are burdensome to […]